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Your Pet may be trying to tell you ”OUCH” if they have not been in for a dental in the last year. Each year missed is like you going 7 years without a check up or cleaning!
  • You cannot wait for obvious signs of dental pain 85% of dogs over the age of 3 experience oral health problems
  • By the time you see signs of dental problems like bleeding, infection, loose teeth, your pet has suffered for a long time
  • Heart problems, liver and kidney failure, bone marrow depression, weight loss can all start with poor dental health - a much more real danger than the dental procedure


  • Pre-anesthetic blood and urine tests to screen for health problems
  • A physical examination directly before anesthesia is administered.
  • An IV catheter and fluids to support vital organs and improve comfort.
  • Light gas anesthesia, monitored by a dedicated anesthetist technician.
  • ECG, pulse-oximeter, blood pressure monitoring.
  • A thorough cleaning, scaling and polishing of the teeth. 
  • A complete oral exam (something that cannot be done when your pet is awake) - The mouth is checked for periodontal disease, cavities, broken teeth, and oral cancers.
  • Dental x-rays as needed.
  • Telephone consultation with Dr. Janssen if problems are discovered with the teeth or gums.
  • Patient care and close monitoring throughout the day 
  • A Home Care Consultation at the time of discharge to help you keep your pet's mouth healthy and happy!

Our strictly adhered-to nine-point protocol for anesthesia ensures that your pet receives the best possible treatment to ensure dental health. Using this protocol, all of the teeth are charted, thus enabling us to monitor health and/or deterioration. If any dental problems are encountered, such as fractured teeth or cavities, we may be able to repair the problem the same day.

Pediatric Dentals - important for cleaning, checking that baby teeth have fallen out and that adult teeth are erupting.

A Dental is included with Wellness Programs.

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