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Pets age more rapidly than we do, so we pay close attention to our older patients. We have found that by examining them twice a year, including a full oral exam under anesthesia during their dental cleanings, and checking some important blood parameters we can help them live a longer, pain free, high quality life.

We recommend Senior Screenings starting between seven and nine years of age and including:

Level 1

*Chemistry Panel - which screens for organ dysfunction including liver, kidney, bone and adrenals.
*Complete Blood Count (CBC) - screens for anemia, leukemia, infection, inflammation and platelet abnormalities
*Partial Urinalysis - screens for diseases of kidney
*Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio - screens for early kidney disease

Thyroid hormone level (for cats)

Level 2

Includes all of the above plus:

Blood Pressure Screen

Full urinalysis