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As an adult, your dog needs regular veterinary care. The cost of that care is often a concern for dog owners. That is why Janssen Clinic For Animals is now offering the Adult Dog Wellness Program.

The Adult Dog Wellness Program includes:

  • 2 Extended Wellness Pet Exams Annually
  • All Vaccinations (DA2PPCVk, Kennel Cough, Leptospirosa, Lyme, and Rabies)
  • 1 Antigen Heartworm Test
  • 1 Fecal Analysis
  • 2 Medical Problem Exams *
  • 2 Medical Problem Recheck Exams *
  • $20 Discount on Each Dental Cleaning
  • 6 OraVet Applications - $56.64 Value
  • OraVet Application with Dental - 25% off
  • 6 Free Baths
  • 6 Free Nail Trims
  • 6 Toothbrushings
  • A Toothbrush - Please bring for the Toothbrushings
  • 6 Ear Cleanings
  • A Pet Primer Class - A How-To for grooming, giving meds, toothbrushing, and lots more
  • 3 Days of Doggie Day Care (can be used for medical needs)

* All other professional services, lab work, referral consults, medications, or hospitalizations not included. Services provided at other clinics, hospitals, and emergency centers are not included.